"Poor Boy"  by The Good Intentions
produced by Charlie McGovern
1.     Poor Boy
2.     The Last Train  
3.     Irene
4.     Bonjour La Tristesse
5.     Archie Bleyer’s Daughter
6.     She’s In A George Jones Mood
7.     You Love Jimmie Rodgers
8.     You Can’t Call It Country
9.     Tombstone Bride
Soldier Boy
11.   You Had To Know
12.   From Liverpool To Nashville
Production in Liverpool:
Recorded by Graham Seaman at Sack The Cat Studios
R. Peter Davies – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Gabrielle Monk – Vocals
Frank Roskell – Vocals, Electric Guitar

Production in California:
Recorded by Charlie McGovern at Big Ol’ Studio
Rick Shea – Guitar, Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Dobro
Rob Douglas – Bass
Mike Stinson – Drums

Mixed by Charlie McGovern
Mastered by John Nowland at Falling Water Music
Additional mastering, engineering, by Jamie Nowland

Produced by Charlie McGovern
From Liverpool To Lankershim
The Good Intentions on Boronda Records

The Good Intentions are a Liverpool, England band who approached me to produce a record.  We worked across
the Atlantic.  In England, the three members of the Good Intentions are; R. Peter Davies – vocal, guitar, Gabrielle
Monk– vocal and Frank Roskell– vocal, electric guitar.  And here in California, Rick Shea – guitar, dobro, pedal
steel, mandolin, Rob Douglas – bass and Mike Stinson – drums.

The album was cut half in Liverpool at Sack The Cat Studio with Graham Seaman at the controls and half at Big
Ol’ Studio in North Hollywood with me at the knobs, levers and valves. (Did you know North Hollywood was once
called “Lankershim”)  Then mastered by John Nowland in the California Redwoods.  With John’s experience
working with all recordings stretching Neil Young’s career (and the ever changing formats of recording, known and
unknown) he was able to kick in shape the final mixes of the songs (and the not so final mixes).

1963 is the year a 7-year-old Peter Davies first appeared in the British documentary series “7 Up!”  When you
think of 1963 you might think of the early Beatles but this record is more Anita Carter’s 1963, (pre-Johnny Cash’s)
‘Ring Of Fire’.  

That Anita Carter record is one of my favorite records that I ever owned.  My ex girlfriend still won’t give it back to
me and another ex is pissed off that I gave it away.

-Charlie McGovern
Lettuce fields
Salinas, California
March 4, 2008
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